Life Application Huddles

Following 10:00 am worship there will be led discussion groups called Life Application Huddles.  See below for more information.

What’s a Life Application Huddle?

It’s an informal, inclusive gathering of disciples discussing practical ways for living a life of a disciple, based upon the message that was shared in the morning worship service.

Who will lead the Huddles?

To begin with, members of our church’s Leadership Team will facilitate the Life Application Huddles.

How long will the Huddles last?

30-45 minutes   from September to June

How do I join a Huddle?

Each Sunday you’ll have the opportunity to join a Huddle just by showing up at one of several groups in various locations in our building. Leaders will simply be identified in the service and you can connect with any group you choose.

Is this a mandatory thing?

No one has to participate. Just as Jesus invited disciples to follow Him, you are invited to participate in a Huddle. We think you’ll meet Jesus in these Huddles, and you’ll be encouraged (and challenged!)

Are our children welcome in the Huddles?

Yes, our facilitators have indicated they’d welcome children to come and participate. Intergenerational learning adds to the challenge and the joy of discipleship.