2018 Church Survey

Click here to Download a paper copy of the survey.

Dear Friends,

When the Transition Team was assembled and began meeting last year, one of our main goals was to take a posture of listening. Our job is not to set, or dictate the future of the Camrose Church of God. It is to gather information from you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, about your hopes and dreams for our future. For this reason, one of our main tasks is to collect information from the congregation on the current and future ministry vision and needs of our church. It will be used to guide the Leadership Team and a Pastoral Search Committee in hiring a new Lead Pastor that is suitable for our congregation.

Your voice is so important to us. Please hear us say that you matter. We’re listening to you and we are hoping to hear from God through the words he has been speaking to your heart.

This is the digital version of the survey that we would like you and members of your household to complete. You can pick up additional paper copies at the church or participate here through the online version by entering your email address. This survey, and the listening sessions which follow will be used in conjunction with past surveys and listening sessions such as Warm Winter’s Welcome.

Anyone who considers Camrose Church of God their home church is welcome to complete a survey. We encourage each individual in your household, including youth and older children to submit their own survey answers. Please put your name on the survey so that we can contact you with follow up questions should we need clarification. If you require assistance to complete a survey, please contact a member of the Transition Team. We would be happy to sit with you and record your answers.

The survey is intentionally brief, focusing on discovering how we as a congregation see ourselves. It will be a starting point to identify issues and topics that will require further conversation and study.

In the coming weeks and months we will to engage you in conversations about some of the ideas and concerns raised in the survey.

In Christ,

The Transition Team

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