Knowing Christ

Our vision:

“We live to be transformed by Jesus Christ who makes our every encounter count”

Jesus said, “I have come that [you] may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10) If that’s the case, then knowing Christ means knowing how to really live and enjoy life.

Many people today think that a full life is made up of vacations, possessions, and a high-paying job. While those may be enjoyable in the moment, they certainly don’t guarantee happiness or fulfillment. Listen to what the following people have to saying about what knowing Christ has come to mean to them:

You’ve probably seen “The Passion” movie. But did you know, it was for you that Christ died?…I know it sounds unbelievable but when I accepted that truth for myself, my sin was taken away and I was filled with joy! This happened many years ago for me when I trusted Christ but I am convinced it can happen for you, also. This friendly church can help you come to this reality. –Richard

There were times before I knew Christ personally that I would go up into the balcony of a church and just weep. It was like God’s fire was burning inside of me and I was trying to use my tears to put out the fire. I thought I’d have to give up the things of life I enjoyed. But since coming to know Christ, I have a new identity and a new sense of direction for my life…and I get to enjoy life so much more! — Dale

Knowing Christ is there ALL the time, loving me, forgiving me, loving me, teaching me, loving me, providing for me, loving me, like no other can do…more than my spouse or my children or parents – amazing! I discovered this in the depths of post-partum depression, and He was there, holding me up, even though I was so down. – Dawn

The conversation around the table at Tim Horton’s became quite serious when a friend asked, “What happens when my life here on earth is over?” One friend wondered if death is like sleep; another thought his soul would move to someone else. I’m SO thankful God had a plan for eternal life for me with Him through the death and resurrection of His Son. My belief in God, our Creator, provides for me to live on in community with Him – forever. – Jean

These testimonials are from ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary life through knowing Jesus Christ in a personal way.

You might be asking, “Can I have this full life Jesus came to give?” Yes, you can. You can find purpose and wholeness in Jesus Christ. He offers you peace and satisfaction greater than the things of this world can offer. The good things of life are only a mirror image of the deep sense of joy Jesus Christ can give you. As one writer of past centuries said, “You have made us for yourself, O God, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.” (St. Augustine)

So where do I start? Good question. Begin by telling God your honest feelings and thoughts. You could say something like, “God, I’m restless and empty. I’ve messed up my life and I live with guilt that doesn’t seem to go away. Surely there’s more to life than this.” Or you might say, “God, life is so good. Thank you for all that I enjoy now. But I don’t want to miss out on whatever you have for me. Is there something else?”

When we come to God honestly like this, He responds by saying, “I want to be at the center of your life. I want to give you a new start. I made you, and I would love to be the One who directs your life from now on.”

If we respond to God’s offer, here’s what we can say, “God, I’m turning over my will and my future to you. I’m turning over my past sins, my present needs, and my future hopes and dreams to you. You be in charge. I want to live a life of carefree abandon to you, just like your Son Jesus did. Please forgive me for living independent of you. Please take the first place in my life.”

When we say this to God in faith and trust, He promises to forgive us and to reveal himself to us.

It’s important to keep growing and learning more about Jesus Christ. Some helpful ways to do that are to read a version of the Bible that is understandable. Read about the life of Jesus to begin with. Also, it is very helpful to become part of a small group of people who are on a similar journey of discovery to yourself. See the section called Connecting in this website for more information about small groups. We would also encourage you to participate in worship services at a church near you that helps you to get to know Christ in a personal way.